Software Testing Certification Course


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Software Testing Certification

Learning about software testing is vital for everybody looking to improve their knowledge about software functionality. Whether youre an end user or involved in purchasing software solutions for your company, this course will provide the insight and knowledge that you need to make sure that software is functional and appropriate.

From how to set software testing goals and the broad categories and approaches used in software testing to strategies that you can apply immediately, this course covers everything you need to know about effective software testing.

You Will Learn:

How to set appropriate and relevant software testing goal
The broad categories and theories behind software testing
The different approaches you can take to test software
Winning software testing strategies, and how to apply them

Benefits of Taking This Course:

You will increase profit and productivity by using the right software
You will save time and money by testing software yourself
You will ensure that you purchase the right software for your specific needs
You will avoid the software crashes that seriously affect productivity

No requirements are needed for this course.
Software Testing Certification