Customer Retention Certification Course


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Customer Retention Certification
Every business will have to deal with dissatisfied customers from time to time. Understanding how to resolve customer grievances so they return in the future is key to growing a business profits and reputation.

In this course, you will learn what successful businesses do to retain their customers and how they use the principles of great customer service to quickly resolve complaints. You will learn how to communicate with difficult customers, how to use complaints as an opportunity to improve and how your attitude can make all the difference in resolving a challenging situation.
You Will Learn:

Why every customer deserves outstanding service and how to respond if a customer makes an unjustified complaint
How to make a customer feel valued and respected
How to listen to a customer, show empathy and ask the right questions when they make a complaint
Why staff need to possess sufficient background knowledge on the products and services they are selling
Why problem-solving is a key skill you must develop to placate a dissatisfied customer

Benefits of Taking This Course:

If you work in customer service or aftersales, this course will teach you how to resolve customer grievances quickly and efficiently
If you supervise employees who work in customer service, this course will help you troubleshoot problems and enhance customer satisfaction
The communication skills you will learn on this course are applicable to other business situations, such as negotiating in meetings
This course will help you reframe customer complaints as an opportunity to improve the business, which in turn will increase revenue
No requirements are needed for this course.
Customer Retention Certification