Electronic Customer Service Certification Course


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Electronic Customer Service Certification
Traditionally, companies provided customer service face-to-face or by telephone. This changed with the advent of the internet, which has made it relatively inexpensive and simple to deal with customer queries via email and live chat services.

Effective electronic customer service is built on a foundation of netiquette, the principles of written communication and a solid understanding of customer service. In this course, you will learn how to combine these factors to successfully offer your customers a great experience.
You Will Learn:

Why electronic customer service is now the norm in modern businesses
Why electronic customer service comes with advantages and disadvantages
How to send appropriate online messages that positively engage customers and solve their problems
How to show courtesy online and strike the right tone in both your emails and on your website
The principles of good customer service and how these translate to an electronic environment

Benefits of Taking This Course:

If you work in a customer service role, this course will teach you how to communicate with customers via email and online chat to resolve their problems and answer their queries.
If you are a business owner, this course will help you make up your mind if you are considering incorporating electronic customer service into the day-to-day running of your business.
If your role entails copywriting or marketing, this course will help you create more effective product descriptions for a company website.
This course will help you write memorable emails that will make your customer pay attention to your messages, thereby increasing sales and boosting your companys reputation.
No requirements are needed for this course.
Electronic Customer Service Certification