Finance for Non-Finance Managers Certification Course


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Finance for Non-Finance Managers Certification

Understanding finance has become absolutely essential for all managers, especially non-finance managers. The increased demand on companies to perform means that non-finance managers need to have a firm grasp on all financial matters.

This course provides a comprehensive insight into finance for non-finance managers, providing them with the key financial tools to be able to analyse, optimise and significantly improve the financial status of their department and company.

From how to interpret financial statements and reports, to learning how to manage working capital and perform a costing and performance analysis, this course covers everything non-finance managers need to know about finance.

You Will Learn:

Financial terminology and interpreting financial reports

Cost accounting and how to perform a cost analysis

The science of managing working capital

Various financial formulas and how to use and interpret them

How to measure financial performance using KPIs

Benefits of Taking This Course:

You will vastly improve the financial efficacy of your department and company

You will be able to interpret and optimise financial statements and reports

You will learn how to save money and improve cash flow

You will be able to manage working capital and perform an advanced costing analysis

You will be able to perform a full financial evaluation to gauge performance

No requirements are needed for this course.
Finance for Non-Finance Managers Certification