Food Safety Cross Contamination Certification Course


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Food Safety Cross Contamination Certification
According to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), there are over 500,000 cases of food poisoning in the UK every year. Not only are these illnesses unpleasant, they can also be fatal in a minority of cases.

Cross-contamination is a common cause of food poisoning. It can occur in any kitchen or premises that handles both raw and ready-to-eat foods. Fortunately, with appropriate safety controls and hygiene measures, it can be eliminated. This course will teach you how to reduce the risk of cross-contamination in the workplace.
You will Learn:

What cross-contamination is, how it occurs, and the types of bacteria that cause most foodborne illnesses
Why you must take every reasonable measure to separate raw and ready-to-eat foods, and how to implement FSA guidelines on food separation
How an ongoing cleaning schedule can prevent cross-contamination, and practical advice on how to clean work surfaces
Why and how personal hygiene and hand-washing procedures are important in reducing the risk of cross-contamination

Benefits of taking this Course:

If you work in a kitchen, this course will help you work in a safe, hygienic manner that safeguards the health of your customers and colleagues
If you are responsible for carrying out risk assessments in your place of work, this course will help you ascertain whether or not there is a reasonable risk of cross-contamination
If you are a business owner, this course will help you meet your obligations under food safety law
If you are interested in public health, this course will give you a valuable insight into an area of ongoing concern in the food and catering industries
No requirements are needed for this course.
Food Safety Cross Contamination Certification