Health and Safety for Events Certification Course


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Health and Safety for Events Certification

Learning about health and safety for events is absolutely essential for anybody involved with any type of event of any size and nature - whether youre an event organiser, part of the event team, or are looking to branch into the event management world.

This course provides a comprehensive guide to event health and safety, by highlighting serious risks, ensuring a safe venue and successful crowd control.

From how to avoid fire hazards and learning waste management principles, to finding the perfect venue and understanding the science of crowd safety, this course covers everything you need to know about every aspect of event health and safety.

You Will Learn

How to implement a waste management strategy to ensure health and safety at events
How to perform a fire-hazard risk assessment and avoid any potential danger
How to ensure a suitable, safe and risk-free venue
The science of crowd-control, including assigning effective roles and entry and exit strategies

Benefits of Taking This Course

You will increase event attendance by ensuring the safety and well-being of attendees
You will avoid any potential legal implications arising from injuries at events
You will improve your reputation as an event organiser and increase business
You will avoid any negative publicity arising from safety and other risks at events

No requirements are needed for this course.
Health and Safety for Events Certification