Lone Working Certification Course


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Lone Working Certification
Full knowledge of all aspects of lone working is vital for self-employed workers as well as the employers and employees in the relevant industries in order to maintain a safe, productive and legal business.

This course provides a comprehensive insight into every aspect of lone working, including the legal definitions, the potential hazards involved and how you can keep yourself, your company and workers safe.

From discussing the different industries and jobs involved to highlighting the dangers, and explaining the safety and legal measures you need to implement, this course covers every aspect that everyone involved with lone working needs to know.

You Will Learn

The past, present and full definition of lone working
The different industries and jobs that involve lone working
All the hazards and safety risks involved in each industry and job
Prevention and safety measures needed
The legal and regulatory obligations for anybody involved with lone working

Benefits of Taking This Course

You will be able to determine safety risks in your specific work environment
You will be able to identify and eliminate any potential hazards
You will understand the legal requirements surrounding lone working and apply them in your work environment
You will understand the regulations which govern lone working and provide invaluable advice in your workplace
You will be able to perform a full lone working risk assessment
No requirements are needed for this course.
Lone Working Certification