Risk Assessment in the Workplace Certification Course


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Risk Assessment in the Workplace Certification
Every year, thousands of people are injured at work. Many of these injuries are preventable. The key to a safe workplace is continuous, comprehensive risk management. Risk assessment is a framework and method that enables employers to spot hazards and reduce the risk of harm to everyone in the environment.

This course will introduce you to the laws governing the identification and management of hazards and risks in the workplace. You will learn about the role of employers and employees in maintaining a safe environment, the steps involved in conducting an assessment and how to prevent common workplace accidents.
You Will Learn:

What an employer must do when carrying out a risk assessment
How and when employers must consult their employees when undertaking a risk assessment
Which groups of workers are particularly vulnerable to accidents and injuries in the workplace
How workplace inspections can facilitate risk management, and who is responsible for carrying out these inspections
The eight strategies employers can use to prevent slips, trips and falls

Benefits of Taking This Course:

If you are an employer, this course will help you meet your obligations under health and safety law
If you are a worker, this course will improve your awareness of risks in the workplace and encourage you to use safe working practices
If you are responsible for carrying out risk assessments at work, this course will help you identify hazards and evaluate risk
If you are a worker representative, this course will provide you with a useful overview of how and when employers must consult workers with regards to health and safety
No requirements are needed for this course.
Risk Assessment in the Workplace Certification