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Study method              Learn online at your own pace with the unique See-Do-Stop-Check methodology

Qualification                MHDPro CPD certificate of recognition



Take our 5-lesson online hairdressing course for intermediate-level stylists and delight your clients with your long layering skills. Featuring long hairstyles taught by Bastian Casaretto, Graham Oglesby, Stacey Broughton and Tracey Hughes, you’ll perfect a range of looks guaranteed to impress.

Why The Long & Layered Collection

Long layered hair is always on trend. So now’s the time to expand your repertoire, delight your clients, impress your salon and prove your worth to future employers.

The Long and Layered Collection builds on your skills to provide perfect salon friendly and commercial layered haircuts for long hair. Featuring long hairstyles demonstrated by Aveda's Bastian Casaretto, former Vidal Sassoon educators Graham Oglesby and Stacey Broughton and Australian legend Tracey Hughes, this online hairdressing course is perfect for busy stylists looking to provide their clients with wearable and manageable long hair. On completion, you can download, print and share a CPD Certificate of Recognition.

Perfect for intermediate-level stylists, MHDPro’s The Long & Layered Collection features 5 amazing lessons from 4 inspirational instructors, designed to enhance your long layering techniques. The tutorials on this course cover:

·             The Long Layer Variation – with Aveda’s Bastian Casaretto

·             Long Graduation with Low Fringe – demonstrated by Graham Oglesby

·             Commercial Long-Layered Shape – taught by Stacey Broughton

·             Long Uniform Layer – with Stacey, again

·             Increased Layer – Tracy Hughes shows you how

Remember, with MHDPro, you’re in complete control of your hairdressing training and development – and you’ll develop a robust understanding of  all the principles involved with our unique See-Do-Stop-Check methodology. This course earns 10 hours CPD – along with a MHDPro CPD certificate of recognition, downloadable on course completion. Display it in your salon to impress clients and employers.

Why MHDPro

As world leaders in online hairdressing and barbering education, our 5-lesson online CPD courses cover every discipline and experience level and feature the industry’s most respected educators, including Mazella&Palmer and Sharon Blain.

What’s more, our unique See-Do-Stop-Check methodology delivers a multisensory learning experience that empowers you to learn effectively, embedding techniques as you go.

MHDPro courses increase your employability and revolutionise your skill set, wherever you’re at on your hairdressing journey – delivering a flexible and enjoyable learning experience at a time, place, pace and cost to meet your needs.


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Lesson 1 – Long Layer Variation

Aveda’s Bastian Casaretto is the perfect instructor to teach you the long layer variation. Starting with a simple graduated steep angle in the front areas, you’ll fine-tune your over-direction and elevation skills before working on flat layering in the back internal shape. Beautiful, soft and feminine, your long-haired clients will love you for the texture, body and movement you’ll give them.

Lesson 2 – Long Graduation with Low Fringe

The long graduation with low fringe is a youthful salon essential, delivering manageable yet flowing locks that your clients will love. Taught by ex-Vidal Sassoon educator Graham Oglesby, you’ll begin with a controlled square outline below the shoulders – incorporating internal graduated layering – then build on the cut with graduation throughout the shape.

Lesson 3 – Commercial Long Layered Shape

The long-layered shape is a salon classic. And who better to teach you than master of precision cutting, Stacey Broughton He even shows you two possible outcomes: the commercial finish is always popular, but the creative option has a stronger feel – making it perfect for clients willing to embrace a bolder look. Either way, you’ll deliver layering, graduation and over-direction that provides body and movement.

Lesson 4 – Long Uniform Layer

Lesson 4 is all about the long, uniformed layer. Stacey steps up again to demonstrate this perfectly symmetrical look. From pivoting sections to body positioning and perfect head and finger placement, you’ll build your technical skills and learn how to distribute internal and external weight to achieve this soft, face-framing classic hairstyle.

Lesson 5 – Increased Layer

Looking for a long-layering technique that you’ll come back to time after time Then you’ll love lesson 5. Focusing on increased layering, hairdressing icon Tracey Hughes demonstrate this crowd-pleasing style, including classic layering techniques and over-direction. Remember, body and finger positioning and perfect sectioning are crucial to the success of this salon favourite. 


Watch the video to see how this course works:

On successful completion of the course you will gain a MHDPro CPD certificate of recognition which you can download, print and share.