Health and Safety Certificate for Hairdressers and Barbers Course


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Cost                             £24.99 +VAT

Study method              Online, self-paced learning assessed by multiple choice questions

Duration                       2 hours

Qualification                 MHDPro CPD certificate of recognition


Our Health & Safety Certification is designed to raise health and safety standards across the hairdressing and barbering industry. With 15 training videos spread across 3 modules, achieve 70% or above in a multiple choice test to move on to the next stage. Ideal for all hairdressers, barbers and salon owners.

Why Health & Safety Certification

Maintaining best working practices and a safe working environment – and understanding current health and safety legislation – is crucial for you and your clients.

The MHDPro Health & Safety Certification features 15 videos spread across 3 modules and covers everything from hygiene in the workplace to testing clients for allergies. For each video, pass a multiple choice test with at least 70% to move onto the next stage – and once you’ve completed the course, download and display your MHDPro CPD certificate of recognition.

The 3 modules are:

·             Maintaining effective and safe methods of working in the salon –  Learn about your legal duties as well as how to work safely with chemicals, avoid dermatitis and prepare tools and equipment

·             Understanding consultation, cross-infection and infestation – This module delves into the importance of consultations, technical knowledge and the biology of hair structure and skin

·             Prioritising safe working practices – Learn about hair and skin tests and testing, including what you need to do before performing hairdressing services

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Module 1 – Effective and safe methods of working

In our first module, you’ll develop your understanding of key health and safety considerations for working in the salon, including your legal duties. The lessons break down as follows:

·             Video 1 – Make sure your actions reduce risks to health and safety and learn about your legal duties when it comes to health and safety in a working environment

·             Video 2 – Learn about safe and hygienic working practices, including working safely with chemicals, avoiding dermatitis and correct posture and positioning for you and your client

·             Video 3 – Discover how to follow health and safety procedures (including setting up a regular routine) when preparing tools and equipment and disposing of waste

·             Video 4 – Learn why preparation is crucial to time keeping, maintaining a professional environment and image and keeping you and your client healthy

·             Video 5 – Minimise the risk of pain and discomfort throughout your career as a hairdresser or barber by learning all about posture

Module 2 – Consultation, cross-infection and infestation

Discover the importance of providing a consultation and learn about technical knowledge of treatments, services and products, as well as the biology of hair structure and skin.

·             Video 1 – Develop your understanding of the basic science behind structure and growth cycles to help you become more successful as a professional

·             Video 2 – Understanding the 3 main layers of the skin and what they do will help you deliver the best possible service to your clients

·             Video 3 – Learn about the basic structure of hair and you’ll optimise your understanding of products and technique choice and enhance your consultation skills

·             Video 4 – From scalp conditions to fungal and bacterial infections, Tracy Hayes’ lesson on hair science focuses on abnormalities to help you understand everything from split ends to impetigo

·             Video 5 – Encompassing everything from dealing with headlice to sensitively handling more serious issues such as herpes, Tracy Hayes tackles infectious diseases and parasites

·             Video 6 – Your consultancy and communication skills form a vital part of your success as a hairdresser or barber and you’ll learn how to develop them in this video

Module 3 – Prioritising safe working practices, tests and testing

Hair and skin testing form a vital element of the consultation process and the failure to carry out either can lead to client dissatisfaction or even legal action.

·             Video 1 – Discover how to determine the condition of the cuticle and the cortex with essential porosity and elasticity tests, fulfilling your obligations under health & safety legislation

·             Video 2 – Even if your client has previously coloured their hair, you need to perform a skin test to identify any possible allergic reaction

·             Video 3 – Learn about the essential incompatibility test on hair to check for the presence of metallic salts and how failure to test can result in damage to your client’s hair and scalp

·             Video 4 – When colouring hair, it’s essential to perform the colour strand test to check the target colour and development time


Watch the video to see how this course works:

On successful completion of the course you will gain a MHDPro CPD certificate of recognition which you can download, print and share.