Level 2 Warehouse Management Certification Course


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Level 2 Warehouse Management Certification
If you employ individuals who have responsibility for running and managing the warehouse of your company, this Level 2 Warehouse Management Certification course is a great choice, to provide them with the skills that they need, in order to do so successfully.

The course provides a thorough introduction to all of the information that a warehouse manager will need, from warehouse safety to equipment, stock and managing a team. Students will come away with a comprehensive overview of what successful warehouse management looks like and how to achieve it.

Whats Covered in the Course

This wide-ranging course covers a wealth of useful information relating to warehouse management, such as:

An overview of the functions and importance of a warehouse in a successful business and the key role that it plays;

The different types of warehouse equipment, what it is used for and how technology is an increasingly important part of warehouse management;

Key warehouse processes and how to design, implement and manage them, for maximum success;

How to use picking processes in a warehouse;

Tips on managing and controlling stock and inventory, to ensure appropriate stock flow and minimise wastage;

What supply chains are and how they link to warehouse management;

How to manage warehouse staff in the most effective way;

The importance of health and safety in a warehouse environment and how to promote it;

How efficient warehouse processes can play a part in controlling business costs and practical tips on how to effectively minimise costs.

What are the Benefits of the Course

This course provides your team member with lots of great benefits, in order to help them accelerate their learning of warehouse management. These include:

By supporting them to undertake this course, you are helping your team members career progression and giving them the opportunity to achieve an industry-recognised certification in warehouse management;

Their new skills in warehouse management will ensure maximum success for your business;

Students can easily combine work and study, due to the flexible nature of the course and the fact that there are no time limits on completing the course;

While they undertake the course, learners benefit from ongoing online support, which is available around the clock.
No requirements are needed for this course.
Level 2 Warehouse Management Certification